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‘It is ridiculous to set a detective story in New York City.
New York City is itself a detective story.’
– Agatha Christie

What Clients Say

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Alex is amazing! His stories of prohibition times in NYC and his knowledge of mixology is something to behold. So cool to visit the old speakeasies and try the top notch drinks in each one... very worth the time!

Mel Cooke
Alex is a walking encyclopedia and his passion for history and his delivery made this tour my favorite I’ve ever been on! Definitely recommend this tour!!

Tonya P.

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Alex started this company in order to perfect the true NYC experience. To serve you with true knowledgeable and experienced tour guides. To always provide you with the most efficient customer service and to make sure that you really receive 100% full satisfaction and contentment of the experience you had with us.

The Guide

Alex Gabriel Kanze is polyglot tour guide which has enabled him to work with all of the major tour providers of NYC. From double deckers to private five day long tours Alex, has done it all and knows them all. Be assured of being in good, professional hands, Alex also has rich and intriguing passion for history.