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Frequently Asked Questions

Which tour is the best ?:

We try to keep all of our tours of the quality and service. However, because they are in different neighborhood, the tours are slightly different. The

West Village Speakeasy tour has slightly more landmarks, slightly better quality cocktail but has less accommodation (standing at some of the Speakeasies) and may contain slightly more walking based on weather conditions.
The Lower East Side (LES) Speakeasy tour has the least walking and represents slightly more the 1920’s and prohibition era.
The East Village Speakeasy tour does not accept vouchers (but you can use our promo code “NYCPROMOEAST”) but has the smallest groups on the tour and therefore a private tour atmosphere. Keep in mind it’s all a matter of taste and preferences.

How do I know if there is availability and how long in advance do I need to book ?:

We are currently trying to find a user friendly online interactive calendar but for the moment you can either email us ([email protected]) or call 347-355-9212. Saturdays are our biggest request therefore we recommend to book for Saturdays aprox a month in advance but the other days are a little less busy and would recommend to book at least 1 week in advance.

Where and when does the tour start ?:

All the information of the meeting time, meeting place and duration of the tour you select can be found when you click on “Learn More” or on the picture of the tour or the title of the tour.

Are the drinks included with a voucher ?:

No. The only admission with the two drinks included is via for 65$ pp. Why ? Because certain platforms that sells vouchers take a very big cut which we would have to ad to the price of the cocktail. For Example Groupon takes 50% therefore if a cocktail is 15$ we would have to charge you 22.5$ for the same drink in order to pay the platform’s commission.

How Do I book with a voucher ?:

Email us the following information:
At [email protected] and we will take care of your booking request. If it’s for the next day you can text 347-355-9212 to expedite the booking process.

What’s the promo code ?:

The promo code is “NYCPROMOWEST” for the West, “NYCPROMOEAST” for the East and you guessed it; “NYCPROMOLES” for the LES which will get you value of 19$ pp on for any of our Speakeasy tours EXCEPT the East Village Speakeasy tour which is at 25$ pp because it doesn’t accept groups bigger than 7.

How Do I book a tour ?:

Simply select the tour you wish to do and click on “Book Now”. If you wish to buy the  admission with the drinks included select the 65$pp admission and we will email you to complete your booking. If you have a voucher code click on “Book Now” and then click on “Book via voucher code”. If you have our promo code click on “Book Now” then “Book via promo code” and make sure to scroll the page up in order to see the “Pay Now” button which won’t charge you immediately but will let you select how many admission and review your cart before you can process your payment. We will then send you an email to confirm your reservation. For GROUPONS: Email NAME, DATE, TOUR, VOUCHER CODE to [email protected]